Complete Design Questionnaire

1) Why do I want to remodel the space?

2) What do I like and not like about my existing kitchen/bath/etc.?

  • What do I like about the room?
  • What do I not like about the room?
  • Do I have enough countertop space?
  • Do I need more storage space?
  • Is the existing layout functional for my use?
  • If the layout needs to be redesigned, Why?
  • Is there something I have seen that I must have?
  • What is my entertaining style, do I need seating in the kitchen?
  • Do I have enough light to work by?
  • How do I want the space to feel? Cozy? Uncluttered? Welcoming?

3) What general style do I like—contemporary, traditional, or eclectic?

4)  Do I want my new kitchen to reflect the architectural style of my home?

5) What arc some of the styles and products that I like—those I’ve seen in a designer’s showroom, in publications, or elsewhere?

Compile a kitchen wish book. Stuff a folder or create an online collection of  photos, drawings, descriptions, and lists of what you want in your new kitchen. Include examples of rooms, colors, layouts, and products that catch your eye. Don’t censor what you include—save whatever says something to you, good or bad. Don’t try to figure out exactly how each idea would fit into your current layout. Take your “scraps” to our showroom and our designers will help you sort them out and pull together a kitchen with your favorite features.