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Since 1978 International Kitchens has specialized in designing and providing cabinetry for some of the most beautiful homes in the Pacific Northwest. Our highly qualified space planning and design specialists can assist you in selecting from our wide range of cabinetry styles and finishes for all areas of your home. View our Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Other Spaces.


Our Extensive Portfolio of Works boasts a wide range of cabinetry styles and finishes for all areas of your home.

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Green Design

Green or Sustainable Design is a way of using energy and natural resources wisely in order to create a space that is healthy and ecologically friendly. At International Kitchens, we are excited to offer products designed to be beautiful, functional and also to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about how we keep it green.


Benefits of collaboration: “I love to work in teams because everyone brings a lot to the table…as long as everyone remembers that the goal is for the project to turn out well and for it to be easy on the client. “While I work predominately on the inside of the house with the layout, finishes, etc., that doesn’t mean I don’t look to the outside and think about how it would be great if, for example, a screened porch opened up to a garden. If I am working with a landscape architect, we can talk about it.

“Also, I’ve found that architects are wonderful house designers in the sense of structure, placement, siting, etc. However, their forte is not always in the home’s interior layout and use. Often, contractors and architects I work with will have me tweak a kitchen layout to reflect how a client will realistically use the space… to perfect the kitchen and get rid of useless areas, improve the flow and create a space that reflects the client.

“A truly great project is one that brings clients’ dreams to life. They may not know how to articulate what they want, but if you spend enough time with them, you will know what their dreams are. I recently worked on a project in Boothbay Harbor where I designed the pool house entirely and the interiors for the main house and guest house. I worked with a talented landscape designer and an amazing contractor. The project came out great because we had a great team, including the client. In the end, it was a true reflection of her because we all spent time getting to know her and channeling what she would want.” READ MORE